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Our Simulators

Our simulators utilise full motion, wind generation and virtual reality technology with eleven simulators networked for ultimate racing experience. With up to 20 degrees of motion at a speed of 20 degrees per second our simulators can really throw you around. Combined with the optional virtual reality headset our simulators can immerse you in the world of a racing driver and put you in the driver seat of most racing cars on the market.
Feel the wind on your face with the latest custom wind generation kit to make VR Simulators Europe’s first 5D racing centre.

The Motion

Our simulators can offer many different racing experiences with over 50 cars and tracks to choose from. With almost any simulator though once you actually drive it you find that the excessive motion is unnecessary. We have our simulators set at 28% of their capability which is more than enough. After extensive testing we feel that our simulators will let you feel the road without feeling sick. For the more hardcore gamers who want more or less motion we can easily turn up or down certain elements like pitch, roll, heave etc.

Virtual Reality

The concept of virtual reality is still fairly new and still finding its feet. The pro’s of using VR is that you will feel so much more immersed in the game. The VR will cause your body to flinch before an impact and you are fully in control of where you are looking. You can see the interior of the car, mirrors and even your leg movements on the pedals. The con of VR is that graphically it is not at the level that you get from an HD TV. Our TV’s obviously offer a higher resolution that what you get from a 2 inch lens so some users can request TV only and this seems to be a better choice for those who wear glasses or contact lenses. As a result of hygiene a balaclava must be purchased with any VR package. This is for hygiene reasons and it also helps position the VR headset slightly further away which gives a better experience.

Steering wheels, Pedals, Gearsticks

Our steering wheels, pedals and gearsticks are from Thrustmaster and can be programmed for multiple setups. For beginners and first time users we would recommend automatic and progressing onto more difficult controls as the user progresses. The steering wheel buttons can also be programmed to control everything from window wipers to headlights. Our pedals also feel as though they should with the increased resistance on the brake pedal acting like a brake should. Finally customers can request full traction control on the accelerator to minimise spinning out.
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