Kids Birthday Parties

Now available at VR Simulators we have exclusive kids party packages for kids age 10+. Available Sunday-Thursday our kids parties will offer the youngsters the chance to get behind the wheel of some of the worlds most famous cars in complete safety. Our kids birthday parties offer the kids three ten minute races and we can have all 13 kids racing against each other in virtual reality. With our communication system the kids will be able to talk while they race and with no rules and injuries to worry about the little ones can crash, roll and race the way they want. We also have a race podium for a presentation at the end of the kids birthday parties for a group photograph and with our new improvements we can even record the race for the kids to watch back. The cost for an exclusive birthday party is £250 for 13 kids age 10-15 and takes around one hour and fifteen minutes to complete with three different 10 minute races on three different cars and tracks.
    • Party for up to 13 kids
    • No risk of injuries
    • No rules
    • Kids can chat while they race
    • Photo presentation
    • Over 150 cars and tracks to choose from
    • £250.00 for 13 kids (Sunday-Thursday)