VR Simulators Glasgow

VR Simulators Glasgow was the birthplace of our VR experience, and was the first 5D racing centre in Europe, when it opened its doors in February 2018. We offer a total racing experience, complete with stunning virtual reality visuals, atmospheric audio with voice chat, horizontal and vertical movement, vibration and a wind machine that emulates the feeling of movement as you race your car around the track. We welcome individuals or group bookings and can tailor most of the racing elements to meet the skills and requirements of individual racers.

Glasgow is the fourth biggest city in the UK with more than 600,000 residents. The university is globally renowned, and, as well as being home to a wealth of music venues and theatres. Now we have VR Simulators Glasgow which was the first 5D racing centre in Europe. You can experience the movement, the thrill of speed, and the sensation of danger, without any risk to yourself or the car you’re driving. VR racing is exciting, accessible, lifelike, and safe.

VR Simulators Glasgow

Virtual Reality Glasgow

We welcome group bookings for parties, including corporate events and birthday parties. We are also an ideal venue for stag and hen parties, before you head off to the City Centre or Merchant City to celebrate the stag or hen’s new life. VR racing is not only fun, but it introduces an element of competition to proceedings. We can set up the racing, the cars, and the simulators to meet the needs of each participant, or we can let you get on with it and choose your own racing experience.

VR racing is obviously popular with Formula 1, rally, and other racing enthusiasts. It is also popular with those that love to get behind the wheel and test the limits of a car. Its realism is such that professional racing drivers use similar systems to our own in order to reliably learn tracks and get to grips with the car. Book with VR Simulators Glasgow today for your next group event.
Telephone Number: 0141 370 6048
Email Address: info@vr-simulators.com
Address: 36 Gallowgate, Glasgow, G1 5AB