VR Simulators Leeds

VR Simulators Leeds is a 5D virtual racing centre in Yorkshire’s largest city. We offer a safe and controlled environment, so that visitors can enjoy the thrill of motor racing without the danger. State of the art equipment offers thrills and excitement that are akin to the real thing, but you don’t have to put yourself or a multi-million pound car at risk. Grab your mates, take your family, or just bring yourself along for a competitive and exciting day out.
VR Simulators LeedsVirtual Reality Leeds
VR Simulators Leeds is bringing 5D virtual motor racing to the incredible city of Leeds.  With a population of nearly half a million people; one of the largest teaching hospitals in Europe; and not one, but two, of the country’s most highly regarded universities, Leeds is the third largest city in the UK and VR Simulators Leeds is bringing a unique and fully featured virtual racing experience to the beautiful Yorkshire city.

VR Simulators Leeds, is an ideal venue for university students, for staff nights out from the teaching hospital, and for any other local group or family. Add a competitive edge to your group booking. Visitors can choose from thousands of combinations of vehicle and track, the site is open to visitors of all ages, and you don’t need a driving license to get involved in the action.

It isn’t just petrol heads that will love the experience. Our 5D racing experience means that you will experience the thrills of racing some of the fastest cars in the world around some of the best tracks, but without the danger of behind the wheel at 200mph. If you crash into a wall at full speed, it will ruin your race, but you can just get back on track and keep going.

Telephone Number: 0113 245 7834
Email Address: leeds@vr-simulators.com
Address: Unit 3, 1 Little Neville Street