The Cars

The choice of which car to drive will have a huge impact on your enjoyment of the VR experience. It can be tempting to simply opt for the fastest car, but models like the Lamborghini Aventador can be very difficult to control. You may spend more time on the brakes than on the accelerator. Choose the car you want to race according to the type of track you race on, as well as your experience levels. If you’re new to VR racing, something like the Mitsubishi Evolution VI could provide you with a greater level of enjoyment and increase your chances of a podium finish.

Car Customisation

We have a great selection of virtual reality cars, including two-wheel and four-wheel drive models. We have those that are designed for use on roads and road tracks, as well as circuit cars, and those that work well on any type of course.

In some cases, certain cars are not suitable for use on specific tracks. The Bannochbrae road circuit, for example, has one ramp that is almost undriveable in Formula 1 and super cars. For this reason, you may find your choice of cars or tracks limited by your other options. We want to make sure you have as enjoyable a VR experience as possible.

Car Levels

Basic cars are not as fast as the moderate or difficult cars, but they have features like four-wheel drive that make it easier to keep them on the road. Ultimately, they will let the beginner post a better time than if they were to jump straight behind the wheel of a Nissan GTR R35. And, if you’re posting better times, you’re almost certainly having a better time.

If you’re not sure which of our VR simulator cars to choose, we can help you decide. Tell us your experience level, the kind of track you want to race on, and we will help you determine the best car to give you the greatest experience.

Changing Options

Our VR simulators not only let you choose car and track. They also allow you to change some of the basic settings. You can tune your ride with the following options:

    • Gear Settings – choose between automatic and manual, stick shift and paddle gears.

    • Brakes – turn anti-lock braking on or off.

    • Grip – turn traction control off for a raw drive, or turn it on to combat challenging driving conditions.

    • Brake Assist – kids can turn on brake assist, which helps prevent your child from driving into every corner.


Ultimately, you want to enjoy the day, and there is no shame in choosing an automatic car from the list of easy cars. If you choose a model that means you keep crashing into walls or missing turns, you won’t enjoy the VR simulator experience as much as you would in a car that sticks to the track and lets you post potentially record-breaking lap times.

With such a large selection of cars, you can find the one that best suits your driving skills and VR racing experience. We can’t stress enough the importance of getting the balance between enjoyment and experience – you really don’t want to spend the whole time on the brakes or, worse still, crashed at the side of the course. Choose carefully and feel free to contact us for guidance, because we want to ensure you have a great day too.