The Simulators

At VR Simulators we offer some of the latest, innovative simulators to give you as real an experience as possible. Feel like you’re driving at speeds of up to 200mph around some of the most widely recognised end enjoyed racing circuits in the world. Experience the thrills and excitement of racing, without the fear of major injury, and without having to pay hundreds of pounds for a limited experience. Our simulators offer access to more than 50 cars on over 100 tracks, and you can race against up to 13 human and 14 A.I. opponents for a true grid experience. What’s more, we’ve added wind generation software so you can feel the buzz of the wind rushing past you as you drive at top speed around the course of your choosing.

Virtual Reality

Virtual reality is still an emerging technology, but the prevalence of more affordable headsets and an increase in the software and experiences that are available has seen it advance quickly in the last two or three years. At VR Simulators, we love the virtual reality experience, and everything it has to offer. We offer a combination of VR headset and TV screens. Whichever setup you choose, you are in total control of the action, and this includes where you look. Wherever you move your head, you will see the action. When you naturally flinch before an accident, this will effect what you see. You can request a TV only setup, and this tends to offer better results for those that wear glasses or contact lenses, or you can opt for the full experience which incorporates TV screens and headsets. The choice of setup is yours, but if possible, we do recommend the full headset and TV combination because it enhances the effects. When you buy a VR package, this includes the purchase of a balaclava. This helps ensure health and safety because it means that you have your own balaclava that hasn’t been used by anybody else. We also find that the added distance between your face and it helps to position the visor slightly further away from your eyes, which further improves the VR experience.

Motion Seating

There is a fine line with VR simulators. Set the motion too high, and it can make people feel ill and uncomfortable, but you still want to ensure that you have a decent level of motion in order that the experience feels realistic. Our Glasgow VR simulators are set at around 28% of their full motion. This enables you to feel the track and experience the car, but minimizing the likelihood of feeling sick and getting jolted around the simulator too much. We can customise the VR experience to your preferences, in some cases. This means that we can increase or reduce elements like the roll, heave, or pitch, either to give you more or less feeling of motion.

Steering Wheels, Pedals and Gearsticks

The steering wheels, pedals, and gearsticks are provided by Thrustmaster. They can be programmed for a range of different setups, including an automatic setup for beginners. Even the buttons on the steering wheel can be uniquely programmed to control wipers, which are essential in variable weather conditions, or to turn headlights on and off. Every element of the setup has been designed and developed so that it feels as real as possible – the brake pedal offers extra resistance so that it feels like a real brake pedal does. Full traction control can be incorporated, which will help prevent the driver from spinning out and give greater control, even in adverse driving conditions.

The Wind Effect

We aim to make our Glasgow VR experience as lifelike and realistic as possible, and it is the extra touches that really make a difference. As such, we use wind generation software to help enhance the feeling of speed. This extra addition makes us the first 5D VR racing centre in Europe and truly enhances the driving experience. If you have questions about any of our VR equipment, or the Glasgow VR experience that we have to offer, feel free to call us on 0141 370 6048 to speak to one of our experienced and friendly team members – they will be able to answer your queries and help you enjoy the best day.