Our Tracks

One of the great benefits of VR is that you can enjoy an experience that you wouldn’t otherwise get to partake in. You can nip out from work and race an Aventador around Brands Hatch or pop in on a Saturday morning to drive the Formula Rookie around a US go kart track.

Choosing Track

At VR Simulators we have dozens of different tracks for you to race. There are technical tracks, with a lot of tight corners and complexes, and there are circuits with long straights and swooping corners that let you gather as much speed as possible. We do have a huge selection of VR racing circuits to choose from, that are accurate representations of the real thing, but we have included a selection of easy to advanced courses below, to help you choose.

Choosing Track And Car For The Best VR Experience

Don’t forget to match your choice of VR car to the type of circuit that you’re racing. If you choose a tight circuit and a car with poor handling, you will have to drive a lot slower and more cautiously than if you choose something easier to handle. Sometimes, an easy car like the Evo will offer you a lot more enjoyment than something like the Aventador.

Changing Weather

Weather conditions also play a part in determining how much enjoyment you get from the experience, and weather conditions can and do change in our VR racing, in the same way that the weather can be changeable in real life. You might start your experience on a mild, dry day, and end it with strong cross winds and heavy rain. The weather is partially dependent on track location, so you’re a lot less likely to get snow in Catalunya than you are at Bannochbrae.

If you’re unsure of the best track for your VR experience, give us a call or come in and speak to one of the VR team. They will be able to help you decide on the best combination of cars and tracks to ensure that you have a great experience, no matter your own level of experience. Don’t forget, the tracks above are just a selection of what we can offer. Ask us, and we can give you a selection of dirt tracks and rally tracks, Formula 1 tracks from around the globe, and even go karting tracks. One of the greatest benefits of VR racing at VR Simulators is that you can customise the experience to match exactly what you want to enjoy.