Event Format Price Group Size Availability
Sprint 1 * 20 Minute Practice Race £15.00pp 1-26 Sun-Fri
Double Sprint 2 * 20 Minute Practice Races £27.50pp 1-26 Any Day
Midweek Grand Prix 10 Minute Practice/15 Minute Qualifier & 20 Minute Race £35.00pp 1-26 Mon-Fri
Weekend Grand Prix 10 Minute Practice/15 Minute Qualifier & 20 Minute Race £37.50pp 1-26 Any Day
Unlimited Racing 3 hours of unlimited practice sessions £35.00pp (Can only be booked maximum of 7 days in advance) 1-13 Mon-Thur 6pm-9pm Sun 12-3pm, 3-6pm
Corporate Endurance Event 30 Minute Practice/Qualifier & 90 Minute Race £80 per team (1-3 Drivers) 30-36 Any Day

Simulators For Sale

If you are interested in buying simulators then please contact us by email john@vr-simulators.com

Sprint/Double Sprint

The sprint racing format allows a simple race format where our customers can race against each other for the fastest lap in a specific car and track. Double Sprints packages run every day and are ideal for people who want to try this for the first time and experience what our sims can offer. There is a single sprint option which runs during off peak hours. These sprint races are less competitive and everyone can start in the pits and enter the race at the same time as everyone else or get into a battle if you want to drive together. These sprint races are great if you want to try a specific car or track before booking a Grand Prix.

Grand Prix (1-26)

Our standard grand prix event is ideal for groups of 1-26 and allows a break in between races. For groups of up to 13 drivers everyone would race together for a 10 minute practice, 15 minute qualifier and a 20 minute grid start race. With groups of 14+ you will be divided into two groups with each group having a 10 minute practice session followed by a 15 minute qualifier. After qualifying the fastest lap times will qualify you for the top final group or the bottom final group. Winning driver after 20 minutes of the grid start final for the top group will be declared the winner. Our events can be raced with A.I drivers to allow up to 30 on the track at once.

Endurance Event

The endurance event is perfect for corporate team building events and offers the chance to switch drivers. Paying per team means you can dictate how much time each driver gets in the car. To swap driver you simply pit in and change over as quickly as possible. This race features a rolling start rather than a grid start and each team can be made up of 2-3 drivers. This is the perfect package for larger groups of 27+.

Go Karting Prices Vs VR Simulators

Standard go karting prices average at £1.10 – £1.50 per minute on track. At VR Simulators we have various packages and prices averaging 65p – 85p per minute. Our simple sprint races which will give you a chance to experience time trial races for the first time all the way to extended grand prix events which will offer you the chance to feel like a real racing driver.