Stag & Hen Parties

If you want to experience something a little different on a stag or hen do, we can give you a unique experience. Enjoy a competitive day of virtual reality racing in Glasgow or Leeds. We can accommodate 20 guests, offer a huge selection of cars and tracks, and can customise the racing experience to match your requirements. We can also incorporate additional A.I. drivers, although too many people on the same track can cause chaos, especially at the first corner. However, we can program a rolling start to help alleviate the congestion at the first corner. Using VR Simulators for your stag do in Glasgow or Leeds offers a full experience. Set up a grand prix event and you will start with a practice session on your chosen track and in your chosen car. From there, you take part in qualifying to try and get the best time and the best position on the starting grid. And, finally, you compete against the rest of your stag do or hen do participants, and there is a podium presentation at the end of the race.


Event Format Price Group Size Availability
Midweek Grand Prix (90mins exclusive 12-13 drivers) (150mins exclusive 24-26 drivers) 10 Minute Practice/15 Minute Qualifier & 20 Minute Race £35.00pp 1-26 Mon-Fri
Weekend Grand Prix (90mins exclusive 12-13 drivers) (150mins exclusive 24-26 drivers) 10 Minute Practice/15 Minute Qualifier & 20 Minute Race £37.50pp 1-26 Any Day

Tracks And Cars

At VR Simulators, we offer a full virtual racing experience that is perfect for hen nights and stag dos. You can choose from over 50 cars and more than 100 tracks, although not all cars are ideally suited to being driven on every track. Enjoy the thrills of driving a supercar around an easy stock car track, or the real challenge of taking on the Monaco street circuit in a Formula 1 car. Generally, parties will have people with mixed racing and VR experience, which means you will need to choose something to accommodate as many people as possible. You can always have a series of races, ranging from easy to advanced, and our team are always happy to advise you on the best combinations of car and track to ensure that everybody has a good time.


A degree of healthy competitiveness can elevate a standard stag do to one of the most enjoyable and memorable experiences. VR racing offers a truly competitive experience. Size and weight don’t make any difference to the performance of the car, and some drivers can have elements like braking assistance or automatic gears turned on for their cars. Alternatively, everybody can have exactly the same setup so that there are no excuses when it comes time to deciding on podium positions. Unlike go karting and other racing experiences, you don’t have to rely on getting a car in good condition, either. While VR is meant to be realistic, it offers the benefit of doing away with poorly maintained cars. Your vehicle won’t break down, and you won’t suffer a slower lap time as a result of a car with poor brakes or other mechanical problems.

A Full VR Experience

VR Simulators is the first 5D VR experience in Europe. As well as monitors and VR headsets, we also offer motion seating and have wind generation software that will imitate the rush of wind as you drive at higher speeds. It is these extra touches that make the experience even more immersive and enjoyable, and that help set us apart from the competition.

Safety And Excitement

There are other ways of enjoying competitiveness and getting behind the wheel. You can pay for track day experiences, although you will only be able to compete with timed laps rather than in a straight race. You can also go go-karting, but our simulators provide the thrills and competitiveness of go-karting with the excitement of driving high speed cars, like you would enjoy on a track day. You can take over the whole building for a large hen do in Glasgow or Leeds, or you can book a couple of hours for a select group of friends. Our team will work with you to determine experience levels and driving skills. We can help you choose the best combination of cars, tracks, and driver setup to ensure that all of your guests have the best experience possible. Give us a call now, on 0141 370 6048 and we can start the booking process for your big event.