Check out our prices starting from £15.00 per person for single sprint taster session up to £37.50 for full Grand Prix events. No minimum group size and your choice of over 185 real life cars on over 85 real life circuits.

Stags and Groups

Stags and Groups

If you want to experience something a little different on a stag or corporate party, we can give you a unique experience. Enjoy a competitive day of virtual reality racing in Glasgow. We can accommodate up to 26 guests, offer a huge selection of cars and tracks, and can customise the racing experience to match your requirements.

Kids Parties

Kids Parties

For the ultimate kids party experience we can offer single parties for up to 13 kids. A race format of three different sessions on three different cars and tracks will ensure ultimate mayhem and with no risk of injuries during crashes you can rest easily knowing there is no panic during a five car pile-up. Kids Parties can be booked anytime Sunday-Friday.

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VR & Motion Simulators

5D is the latest development in virtual reality simulators. You enjoy the full 3D effects of the latest virtual reality headset technology. The motion seating further enhances the feeling that you’re really there, driving your chosen car, and we have added wind generation software, to give you even greater immersion into the virtual experience. The feeling of the wind rushing past you at simulated 200mph speeds really does finish the experience so that you could be on the track.
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VR Simulators are currently operating two locations with many more franchise locations in the planning phase. We are currently open in Glasgow, 36 Gallowgate, G1 5AB.
VR Simulators in the UK


36 Gallowgate, G1 5AB

VR Simulators go karting
Go Karting VS VR

VR Simulators

Race against 13 human opponents and 14 AI opponents. With more than 20 racers on the track at a time, things can get fraught, especially at that first bend, but it does offer a genuine racing experience. Go karting can be really exciting and competitive, but VR Simulators offers all of the benefits of go karting with a host of other benefits.
VR Simulators driving
Go Karting VS VR

Greater Variety

You don’t have to drive the same kart around the same track, time and time again. You can spend an hour in an EVO before getting in an Aventador for a completely different experience. You can, if you want, race around go kart tracks before taking on some of the biggest and most challenging Formula 1 tracks the world has to offer.
VR Simulators fair competition
Go Karting VS VR

Fair Competition

When you go go-karting, you rely on all the karts being of the same quality and maintained to the same level, otherwise some drivers will have an unfair advantage over the rest. At VR simulators Glasgow, all of the cars of the same class and have the same qualities. The cars are virtual so don’t need maintaining, and there is no unfair advantage. Speed isn’t affected by factors like driver weight, either, which can have a significant impact on driving speed and acceleration in go karts.
VR Simulators safe and reliable
Go Karting vs VR

Safe and Reliable

Our VR experience in Glasgow offers a lifelike experience of racing at speeds of up to 200mph, but without the crashes and accidents. Crash in a go kart and you will know about it. Crash in a virtual reality simulator and you can get back on the virtual track and keep racing. You can also enjoy total reliability. Virtual reality cars don’t break down, they don’t need maintaining, and if you pay for an hour of racing, you get to enjoy a full hour of racing without having to stop for repairs after a bump.
VR Simulators huge choice
Go Karting VS VR

Huge Choice

VR Simulators has a huge selection of tracks and cars for you to choose from in Glasgow. You aren’t limited to racing in a single vehicle around a single, go kart track. Choose from over 50 different tracks, including go kart tracks as well as Formula 1 tracks and even off-road and street circuits. There is also a selection of more than 100 different cars, with some that are designed for the beginner as well as complex and more challenging F1 and supercars. And, don’t worry, we can help you choose car and track according to your skill level and the type of experience you want to enjoy. We will also advise on whether a particular car is suited to a specific track.
VR Simulators comfortable
Go Karting VS VR


Virtual reality simulators are more comfortable than being thrown around inside a go-kart. While the simulators include motion seating with 20 degrees of motion, so that you can experience the movement involved in driving around the track, you won’t get injured or suffer the same discomfort.
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