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Both Venues Re-Open

At last VR Simulators is now re-open. Both venues have been operating for a few months and things are almost back to normal.

New Racing Simulators

Glasgow has now completed our upgrades with all new racing simulators to match the Leeds venue. Our upgrades include new P1-X Aluminium chassis with 900 individually controlled LED’s in each rig. This improves the rigidity of the chassis and the complete rig is solid. This has also improved the adjustability of the pedals and seats for improved comfort. We have also upgraded to new leather seats from GT Omega. The firmer material actually improves the motion transfer to the body and we have added adjustment to change the angle of the seat depending on the users wishes.


During lockdown we have also made major updates with new PC’s. Our new i9-10850k processor’s with 2080ti and 3080 cards are totally overpowered now and with 32GB DDR4 ram and 1000w Supplies we can easily deliver 90 frames per second at 9.4 million pixels in our new HP Reverb G2 headsets. After a few months of testing the original Reverb last year we were blown away with the increased resolution from our original Oculus Rift’s. Each eye has now gone from 1.3 million pixels to over 4.7 million and with the IPD adjustment it is so much easier to get in focus.


We have also upgraded both venues to run Project Cars Pro. After a few years in development Slightly Mad Studio and IOTech have done a great job in providing us with a dedicated game for our venue. This slick new process makes everything easier from cars and track choices to setting the assist and gearing that each individual user wants.


Next on the agenda for us will be a new broadcasting system in the venue and the much anticipated Scotland vs England or Glasgow vs Leeds as we plan the first full 5d venue vs venue events which we plan on doing weekly. More news on this coming soon.